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NOTE: Get location data for your city by pressing the View Location Data button from your city's prayer times page at this site.

Directory of cities and Towns in World at is perhaps the best place to find coordinates and elevation for any city.
Getty Thesaurus is also perhaps the best place to find coordinates and other information for any city.
Bali Distance Finder has a good database of locations in the USA, and many others, and also provides elevation data for many places.
GMT World Time Zones
Maps of World Time Zones

Astronomy Links and Prayer Timer by Dr. Monzur Ahmed. It has a lot of information; this is where I got started on building PrayerMinder
IslamicTimer by Dr. Waleed Muhanna

Palm Developer Zone

Handango - Perhaps the de-facto handheld software site
EuroCool - a great Palm softwares site!
Tucows PDA section - moooo * 2
PalmSpot - the happenin' spot?
PilotGear - "things to make us go" [from ST:TNG] - Group of Malaysian PalmOS PDA Users

Muslim Names - Do you know the meaning of YOUR NAME? Find out here - Our other venture: serving the real estate industry in Pakistan

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